The Late Greats - Gareth : The Early Years EP

Gareth : The Early Years EP

The Late Greats

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The Late Greats - Gareth : The Early Years EP

Gareth is the 3rd Single to be taken from The Late Greats debut album "Life Without Balloons." in their own words the track "is about a young man's sudden and painful realisation that he is not immortal. The song isn't about the sadness that a death brings to others: it's about the terror, for inside another person's death is the promise of your own" At the same time it's also rather uplifting and life affirming.

This EP comes with some other favorites Hours, My Feet My Bones which were recorded back in the day and would happily fit in with the best of the bands tunes. We Were Winning was initially recorded for during the same sessions that spawned Gareth, Kitty & Quick Fix but for some reason the track was never finished off in time for inclusion. It appears here having been taken to LA for Mr Lynch to mix


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  1. The Late Greats - Gareth
  2. The Late Greats - My Feet My Bones
  3. The Late Greats - Hours
  4. The Late Greats - We Were Winning
  5. The Late Greats - Sleigh Ride