Federico Durand - Elin


Federico Durand

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Federico Durand - Elin

Single handedly manning Imoto's distant outpost in the southern hemisphere, Frederico Durand makes music for the unashamed lotus eater

Like Postcards from the more kaleidoscopic chapters of a Lewis Caroll novel, his soundscapes are filled with the wonder of a kid on their first plane ride, skimming the tops of clouds.

Fed's Imoto debut, Elin is no exception. Sparse musical strokes that build to warm peaks, it is tenderly hypnotic.

The 8 track mini-album brims with magical assurances that lead you astray. Tracks such as Lycrica and La Inclina se Nieva demand that your mind wanders filling your brain full of daydreams until your stuck fast to your seat with nothing getting done

Like muse songs from Greek legends that lull you from our defences, Elin' sopiate qualities are the sound of time itself slowing down.

Regularly playing to blissed out crowds at the clubs and art galleries of Buenos Aires - Federico has a number of shows lines up for the unsuspecting before the end of the year

Plans for 08 include clandestine collusion with an as yet unknown Imoto pals on a joint project known secretly as The Lotus as well as spreading the world beyond Argentina.

Elin is the soundtrack to the winter light as it starts to play tricks on you. Start Dreaming


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  1. Federico Durand - La Tarde Me Dijo Un Secreto
  2. Federico Durand - Maria Tiene Fiebre
  3. Federico Durand - La Nieve Se Inclina
  4. Federico Durand - Elin
  5. Federico Durand - Las Flores De Te
  6. Federico Durand - Detras de la Colina ya es Invierno
  7. Federico Durand - Lyrica